Audio Video Rental

There are a whole host of reasons that a person or company may require audio video production equipment. From weddings and other private parties that you want to remember forever to corporate and civic events whose highlights you’d like to use as the basis for a promotional video, there are plenty of occasions when access to state of the art audio video production equipment would make your life much easier.

Unfortunately, few people have such equipment at their immediate disposal – and it can often seem quite tricky to get hold of, especially if you’re not sure exactly what it is you’re looking for and find yourself suddenly awash with technical jargon that means little or nothing to you. On top of this, prices can sometimes be extortionate, with some companies exploiting unknowing customers by loaning them equipment that is overpriced, or which is priced fairly but is simply unnecessarily advanced for the task in hand when there are simpler and cheaper options available on the market.

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All of this means that it’s very important to work with an established and reputable audio video equipment rental specialist when looking for production equipment. Since we were founded in 2009, the team here at Conference Audio Visual has helped many customers find the perfect audio video production equipment for their needs. And, in so doing, we’ve proudly saved them a lot of time, hassle and money.

Exceptional Range of Audio Equipmeent for Rental

We understand that each customer represents a unique case with its own particular set of requirements, so we’ve built a range of services and products that allow us to offer the perfect audio video production solution to a range of challenges.

Our range includes:

  • Professional Cameras and Camcorders: With this option, customers can choose between a range of top quality cameras and camcorders that will enable them to take professional standard photographs or footage of their event. With the help of our expert team, you can always rest assured you’ll get the perfect device to fit your requirements.
  • Tripods: One of the most basic and essential tools in any photographer’s toolkit, a tripod will enable you to keep your camera steady in the same position for long periods of time – so you won’t have to get an ache in your arm from holding it, and you’ll be surprised at how much more professional your photographs and videos turn out!
  • Recording and Post Production Services: If you’re really keen to ensure you end up with professional quality photographs or videos, here at Conference Audio Visual we have our own dedicated team who can help you take care of the recording process as well as the postproduction editing from our own in-house suite.

When you choose Conference Audio Visual to meet your audio video rental needs, you can count on having access to top quality equipment and facilities and a professional team who will help you every step of the way. Contact a member of staff today to find out more.

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Audio Video Rental

  • Post Production

    Post Production

    Conference AV boasts a full edit suite in house we can provide pre or post production including producing highlight videos, promotional videos, online training, powerpoint insert production.

    Creation and insertion of graphics animations, titles, credits, logos and special effects.

    We can bring your story to life through video custom created for

    • Conference Playback
    • Social Media
    • Education
    • Promotional
    • Product Demonstration
    • Advertisements
    • Highlight Reels
    • Media / Press Launches


  • Recording & Production

    Video Recording & Production

    From simple live to screen camera & record to complex multi-cam productions CAV have you covered.

    Live to screen production referred to in the industry as “IMAG” of image magnification is a great way to utilise the projection screens or lCD screens at your event, make those panel sessions feel much more interactive or simply ensure your keynote speaker is seen from everywhere in the room.

    Our video production team is highly skilled and experienced in creating video content. We are specialists in producing, coordinating, directing, sound engineering and editing.
    We can scale our production to suit small intimate shoots through to complex productions involving multi cameras and drone recording.

  • Tripod Hire

    Tripod Hire in Melbourne

    At Conference Audio Visual we only stock quality Manfrotto Fluid Head Tripods

    To help you capture the ideal shot in all different circumstances. A tripod only takes seconds to erect and adjust, yet it can support the camera in the perfect position , helping you to take great videos.

    A tripod will reduce camera movement and improves picture quality by keeping the camera steady. Panning is vital in taking stunning action shots as it allows you to really capture the movement. Having a tripod makes panning much easier and more fluid.

    Our Fluid head tripods have variable tilt and drag resistance adjustments to better control movement. Additional drag allows for slower and more precise pans and tilts


  • Camcorder Hire

    Camcorder hire

    We stock HD Camcorder for basic applications like shooting ad hoc training videos and interviews. A step above a mobile phone video recording with a large range of room and digital steady cam features.

  • Professional HD Video Camera Hire

    Professional HD Video Cameras

    We stock a range of Video cameras specifically selected for their suitability for used in the corporate AV hire market.

    Our Cameras Professional HD Video Cameras includes 2 x High Speed 128Gb SD Cards to start recording straight out of the box.
    All cameras include HDMI and SDI outputs and come conveniently packaged in a soft carry bag.

    You can plug in an external wired or wireless microphone or take a XLR feed from your sound system or microphone system you may be using.

    Call today for a free quotation.

From simple camera hire through to full production services