Projection Screen Hire

When you’re planning an event of any kind, there’s always plenty to think about. And quite often, the stakes are relatively high: whether it’s a charity ball, a corporate convention or simply an important meeting, it’s always important to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible in order to make a good impression on those attending.

Equipment hire is one of the most important elements of event planning, as so much of an event’s potential success often relies on good quality equipment operating consistently and efficiently. If you’re currently in the process of planning an event in Melbourne and you’re aware that a visual presentation of some kind will be involved, you’ll undoubtedly already be on the hunt for quality projector screens that will ensure everyone attending will be able to clearly see what’s being displayed.

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Here at Conference Audio Visual, we’re committed to providing quality projector screen hire in Melbourne customers can be confident in. Our projector screens are effective, affordable and easy to transport – making them the perfect choice for your upcoming event, whatever the occasion, guest list or venue and because of our commitment to building a reputation for being a business that puts customers first and technology second, you can be sure that you’ll receive all the help and advice you need when you choose us for your projector hire in Melbourne.

Top Quality Projector Hire  & Projector Screen Hire in Melbourne
With years of directly relevant experience in the industry behind us, we’re able to guarantee our customers that the products we stock are of genuinely superior quality. An important presentation can be all too easily ruined by a projector screen that is dirty or deficient in some other way, such as being unable to be adjusted to ensure that the image sits squarely in the centre of the screen. We understand that these problems can be extremely distracting for both you and your audience, and that in some circumstances they can seriously diminish the overall quality of your presentation – and certainly make it seem less professional. As a result, we only ever choose projector screens that we know are practical and reliable, and we take extreme care to ensure our screens are kept in top condition for when our customers need them.

Easy to Transport
At Conference Audio Visual, we know that our customers are planning events in all manner of different locations across Melbourne and the surrounding areas. In order to make it as easy for our customers as possible, we ensure that the projector screens we provide are either small enough to be conveniently transported by car or are designed in such a way as to make them easy to fold and carry. If you’re still stuck on how to get your chosen screen to your venue, we can even deliver it directly there for you on a day of your choice.

Excellent Customer Service
When we were founded in 2009, we set out on a mission to create an audio/visual equipment hire company defined by its friendly and helpful customer service rather than its technical jargon. Our team is made up of highly trained experts who know all there is to know about the technology we provide, but who understand that our customers need them to provide their expert assistance and advice in a way that is clear and straightforward. To this end, we’re committed to working with our customers individually to gain a thorough understanding of their particular requirements, and of the demands of the specific event they’re organising.

This allows us to offer our professional recommendation concerning which projector screen to hire, and allows our customers to be confident that they’re hiring the perfect product for their occasion. When looking for quality and affordable projectors to hire, Melbourne residents should look no further than Convenience Audio Visual. Contact a member of our team today to find out more about how we can help with your next event.

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Projection Screen Hire

  • 5′ (1.5m) Tripod Projection Screen Hire

    Easy to set up, these tripod projection screens are suitable for small to medium-size events with smaller audiences (around 10-40 people).

    Perfect for indoor events in venues with standard ceiling heights, these screens will suit business presentations, parties, home viewings – anything that may require a large screen for DVD, video or computer projection.

    All screens include an optional black drop drape. Screens can be transported in most cars or can be delivered across Melbourne.

    Call us now on 1300 214 733 to discuss your event requirements or click for a free quote.

  • 6′ (1.8m) Tripod Projection Screen Hire

    These screens are suited to any small to medium-scale indoor events such as meetings, parties or other special events with audiences of around 10-50 people.

    Screens are easy to transport in most cars and can be packed down in 15 seconds.

    Tripod screens include an optional black drop drape. Suitable for indoor environments with standard ceiling heights up to 3m.

    Tripod screens are available for pickup or can be delivered across Melbourne.

    Call us now on 1300 214 733 to discuss your event requirements or click for a free quote.

  • 7′ (2.1m) Tripod Projection Screen Hire

    Our 7′ tripod screens are a great choice for larger venues where you need to capture the attention of a bigger audience (over 50 people). This screen is still quite compact, meaning it’s also suitable for smaller indoor venues like boardrooms and home living rooms.

    This screen is easily transported, easy to set up and can be adjusted in size to all different aspect ratios.

    This screen will easily fit in most cars or we can organise delivery and pick-up across Melbourne.

    Call us now on 1300 214 733 to discuss your event requirements or click for a free quote.

  • 8′ (2.4m) Wide Fast Fold Projection Screen Hire

    From corporate training events to sales meetings, product launches, or conferences, a fast fold projector screen will enhance any presentation. Suitable for audiences from around 30-80 people, these 8’ screens are professional quality and suited to high-level business or formal events.

    The 8′ wide (16:9 high definition aspect ratio) projection screens come with black velveteen screen draping andlegs.

    These screens can be delivered across Melbourne and installed by our trained technicians.

    Call us now on 1300 214 733 to discuss your event requirements or click for a free quote.

  • 10′ (3m) Wide Fast Fold Projection Screen Hire

    Suitable for audiences of 50-150 people, our 10′ wide projection screens offer a professional finish to any event. Whether it’s a corporate conference or a wedding, this screen is perfect for larger scale visual requirements.

    This screen comes in 16:9 high definition aspect ratio with optional legs. It can be draped but is usually set up with low-profile legs (available in black or white) for a clean, unobtrusive look.

    Available with installation by our trained technicians, these screens are large format and professional quality.

    Call us now on 1300 214 733 to discuss your event requirements or click for a free quote.

  • 12′ (3.65m) Wide Fast Fold Projection Screen Hire

    Among the larger screens we offer, the 12′ wide projection screens suit larger audiences (75-250 people) and venues.

    These professional quality screens come in 16:9 high definition aspect ratio with optional legs (available in black or white). Depending on your event requirements, these screens can be draped with black velveteen. Standard set up is with low-profile legs.

    These large-format screens can be delivered and installed by our trained technicians.

    Call us now on 1300 214 733 to discuss your event requirements or click for a free quote.

  • 16′ (4.87m) Wide Fast Fold Projection Screen Hire

    This massive 16’ wide screen is suited to large audiences (150-350 people and above) and suits all large-scale business, corporate and social events.

    The screen is 16:9 high definition aspect ratio and features a high-brightness professional surface. It comes with optional truss legs or can be hung, depending on the venue. Our screens can be draped, but we normally set them up with tri truss legs for a clean look. Legs are available in silver or white.

    These screens are delivered and installed by our skilled technicians. Delivery is available across Melbourne.

    Call us now on 1300 214 733 to discuss your event requirements or click for a free quote.

Screens to suit the smallest boardroom to the biggest arena