Wired Microphone Hire

Categories: Wired Microphone Hire

  • Drum Kit Microphone Kit

    Set of 7 Drum kit Microphones including suitable clips

  • Instrument Microphone

    Shure SM57 or similar microphone

  • Performer Microphone

    Shure SM58 or similar microphone

  • Gooseneck Microphone

    Gooseneck microphone suitable for our lectern series or at a table microphone with compatible base

Microphone Hire

When you’re speaking to a large number of people in one room, be it 30 or 3,000, all the natural voice projection in the world will only get you so far. A microphone makes the process of communicating to a large audience infinitely easier, without putting unnecessary strain on your voice. Conference Audio Visual offers affordable microphone hire in Melbourne, with a range of high-quality mics suitable for a variety of purposes.

Choose the Right Mic for Your Needs

We have a selection of microphone hire options to cater for just about any need. From lectern microphones and table mics, right through to wireless microphones (includes options for handheld, lapel or headset mics), you’ll find a quality range of choices for your next Melbourne event.

Conference Audio Visual offers competitive pricing for all your microphone hire needs.

To find out more or to make a booking, simply get a quick quote online or call us on 1300 214 733.

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