Audio Mixer Desk Hire

Conference Audio Visual offers Audio Mixing Desk Hire at affordable rates,  We provide best quality products in both analog mixers and digital audio mixers which include Soundcraft, Behringer, Mackie and Midas.

Our Audio Mixers are simple to use and are offered in a range of sizes for 2 channel analog up to 32 channel fully digital with motorised faders and iPad control.

Audio Mixer Desk Hire

  • 32 Channel Digital Audio Mixer

    When seeking top-tier conference audio-visual solutions, look no further than our company. Elevate your event with our cutting-edge 32 Channel Digital Audio Mixer, a pinnacle of innovation and performance. This exceptional mixer boasts an impressive array of features, including 32 inputs, 25 mix busses, and 16 outputs, seamlessly compatible with our SD8 Digital Stage Boxes. Experience unparalleled control with the intuitive iPad App, putting the power at your fingertips.

    Our 32 Channel Digital Mixer sets the stage for seamless presentations, equipped with 25 motorized 100 mm faders and a vibrant 7″ color TFT display. Each channel is equipped with individual RGB backlit graphic LCDs, ensuring effortless navigation and customization. Whether as part of a comprehensive package or a standalone component, our mixer is available for hire, ensuring your event’s AV needs are met with excellence. Trust in our expertise to deliver exceptional conference audio-visual solutions that leave a lasting impact.

  • 12 Channel Digital Audio Mixer

    12 Channel Digital Mixer includes 12 microphone inputs and 8 customisable outputs includes a 7″ touch screen, motorised faders and the iPad App Control. Available to hire as a part of a package or stand alone.

  • 12 Channel Audio Mixer

    When it comes to elevating your company’s conference experience, our top-tier Conference Audio Visual solutions are the answer. Our star offering, the 12 Channel Audio Mixer, takes center stage with its remarkable capabilities. Boasting a remarkable setup of 12 microphone / line inputs, along with 2 x Stereo Inputs and Stereo Outputs, this mixer ensures crystal-clear sound transmission, making every presentation and speech impactful.

    Whether you’re organizing a small-scale meeting or a grand corporate event, our Conference Audio Visual services have you covered. The 12 Channel Audio Mixer stands ready to amplify your audio requirements, ensuring seamless communication and a professional atmosphere. It’s available for hire either as a standalone component or as part of a comprehensive package tailored to your event’s needs. Elevate your conference to new heights with our cutting-edge Audio Visual solutions, and make a lasting impression on your audience. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.

  • 6 Channel Audio Mixer

    6 Channel Mixer features six microphone inputs & two line level inputs, Simple operation for smaller microphone count events, Available to hire as a part of a package or stand alone.

  • 2 Channel Audio Mixer

    Enhance your company conference experience with top-notch audio-visual solutions! Our cutting-edge 2 channel audio mixer is a game-changer, designed to elevate your event’s sound quality. Boasting dual microphone inputs and two line level inputs, all within a compact, sleek form factor, this mixer is perfect for small-scale gigs where you have a single microphone and playback needs.

    Our 2-channel mixer takes your conference to the next level, ensuring crystal-clear audio and seamless playback. Whether it’s a standalone requirement or part of a comprehensive package, our audio mixer is available for hire, guaranteeing enhanced audio delivery that captivates your audience. Don’t settle for ordinary sound – empower your conference with our exceptional 2 channel audio mixer. Elevate your conference’s impact and leave a lasting impression with unparalleled audio quality and professional-grade equipment.