Speaker Hire Melbourne

Sound quality is an essential consideration at almost all events. At weddings and private parties, poor sound quality will mean that your guests will either be unable to hear the music or will find it too brash and intrusive. Either way, the fun and celebratory atmosphere will be ruined. At conferences and other corporate or civic events, it will cause attendees to have difficulty focusing on what is being said, meaning they’ll take less away from the occasion and probably be left with a negative impression of your business or organisation.

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As a result, when it comes to finding speaker hire Melbourne residents and businesses should always be careful to ensure they’re dealing with professional and reputable providers. Only by doing so can you be confident that the speakers you use for your event will be well suited to your venue and occasion, and that they won’t let you down half way through proceedings.

Here at Conference Audio Visual, we’ve built a reputation for quality and consistency that we’re extremely proud of. When you choose us for your speaker hire in Melbourne, you can rest assured you’ll be working with true professionals who take their responsibilities towards their customers extremely seriously.

Only the Best Speakers

The team at Conference Audio Visual have between us many years of experience in the industry. We use this experience and the expertise it has allowed us to accumulate to select speakers of only the very highest quality to provide for our customers. Every speaker we have in our range has been carefully selected by one of our team because of its superior quality and value. When customers come to us they have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their supplier shares their high standards and attention to detail.

Huge Range of Speaker Options

Your venue, occasion and requirements will all affect the kind of speaker that is most suitable. If you’re just looking for something that will allow you to have slightly amplified audio when you play your team a video on your computer at your next meeting, smaller, ultra-portable and extremely affordable speaker options are naturally your best option. But if you’re looking for a speaker that will allow your band to raise the roof at an upcoming gig, Conference Audio Visual have suitable solutions for you too – and they too are available at extremely competitive prices.

We can even provide a simple megaphone if you’re just trying to find an effective and portable way to ensure you’re heard at an outdoor event you’re planning. Whatever the nature of your event and however many people you have attending, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect solution for you amongst our incredible range of speakers.

Driven by Our Customers, Not Just Technology

We were founded in 2009 when two entrepreneurs with plenty of experience in the industry decided to act upon a gap in the market that they’d spotted long ago. Everybody knows that most audio/visual equipment hire firms are full of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about technology – but what most customers are really looking for is a team who put them first, and work closely with them to find the right equipment for their particular requirements without inundating them with jargon and superfluous technical information.

At Conference Audio Visual, we strive to fill this gap in the market – and the praise and thanks we receive from our customers confirms for us that we’re getting it right. So when looking for quality, affordable speaker hire, Melbourne customers should be sure to get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team who will be more than happy to help find the perfect solution.

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Categories: Speaker Hire Melbourne

  • Portable PA Speaker

    Hire a rechargeable battery operated PA speaker. Featuring Bluetooth streaming and ability to plug in a microphone. Simple operation on the move.
    We stock Mackie, DB Technologies, Behringer & JBL and will supply the best speaker to suit your job! Paired with any of our mixers & microphones we can assemble a complete solution.

  • 8″ Powered Speaker

    8″ ultra compact fullrange speakers. Suitable for small size venues.

  • 10” Powered Speaker

    10″ Ultra compact fullrange speakers. Suitable for small to medium size venues.

    • 10′′ high-output woofer / 1′′ titanium dome compression driver
    • 700W Class D digipro®G2 Amplifier
  • 10″ Passive Performance Speaker

    Our Performance range offers a superb sound quality and can be used as a standard fullrange enclosure, requires separate amplifiers

  • 10″ Passive Outdoor Speaker

    Our Outdoor range offers a superb sound quality and can be used as a standard fullrange enclosure, treated to resist rain and extreme temperatures. Can be daisy chained in long lines to cover large outdoor areas.

  • 12” Powered Speaker

    12″  Full range speakers. Suitable for medium to large size venues.

    • 12′′ high-output woofer / 1.4′′ titanium dome compression driver
    • 1300W of ultra-efficient Class-D power
    • Stereo Bluetooth input
    • Cutting-edge Bluetooth technology allows up to 100m of range between linked speakers
  • 6.5” Powered Speaker

    Monitor speaker suitable for pc audio or centre fill applications

  • 12″ Sub Woofer

    Our 12″ Sub Woofers are the perfect complement to 8″ or 10″ speaker systems for users looking to set up small but assertive satellite systems that deliver exceptional performance.
    The 12″ Sub is a perfect choice for smaller setups where the footprint of the PA is required to be minimal but your still looking deliver superior sound for bands and audio playback.

  • 18″ Powered Sub Woofer

    18″ Powered  Subwoofers with Dual XLR Inputs, Stereo Full-range and Highpass Outputs. Our 1200W powered sub speakers compliment all our PA’s to deliver superior sound for bands and audio playback

  • Megaphone

    Battery powered megaphone for mobile & outdoor applications