Stage Hire

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  • Staging Modular Pieces

    Stage pieces are available for hire in many different configurations

    With 3 deck sizes to choose from

    • 0.6m x 1.2m
    • 1.2m x 1.2m
    • 2.4m x 1.2m

    any combination can be combined to build the perfect size to suit your event, we can customise a height and size to suit your space

    Catwalk stages and fashion runway stages are also possible

    Height options of 305mm & 600mm are available.

    Steps hand rails and skirts also available.

  • Custom Coloured Stage Top

    All our stages can be easily and cost effectivley topped in any colour carpet this can have many advantages such as

    • Corporate branding
    • Incorporating in to a larger theme for the event
    • using a white top can enhance the people on stage such as fashion models  at a fashion parade
    • Simply stand out from the crowd


  • Assisted Wheelchair Access Ramp

    Our Assisted Access Ramp interfaces with any stage up to 400mm high, this is a ramp designed for assisted access to the stage or to traverse stairs, variable gradient, non slip deck includes edge guards.

    A unique combination of uni-directional glass and carbon
    fibre materials to create an extremely strong and
    lightweight ramp suitable for a wide range of uses.
    The 3m long ramp tested to AS/NZ Standards supports up to 300kg, Conference AV Portable Ramps can be deployed in seconds, requiring
    no assembly and is immediately ready for use.

  • Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter Access Ramp

    Conference Audio Visual’s professional access ramp interfaces with any stage at the recommended 14:1 ratio ramp gradient for unassisted access of a person in a wheel chair or mobility scooter.

    It includes non slip deck includes wheel guards, Optionally the stage ramp can include handrails and skirting if required.

    Suited for longer events and large spaces. For short events and tighter budgets consider our Assisted Access Ramp