Infinity S401 LED Moving Spot Hire

Infinity S401 LED Moving Spot Hire


The Infinity Furion S401 Spot is a 350w LED light source moving head, which offers a 5:1 ratio zoom range from 6º to 30º. Produce very fast and precise colours with CMY colour mixing with incorporated CTO and seperate colour wheel. Create awesome projections or mid –air effects with 2 gobo wheels (6 rotatable glass / 7 static metal gobos), 3 facet circular or 5 facet linear roating prism, motorized iris, bi-directional continuous rotating animation-wheel and Digital Motion FX. Switching from fast movements to smooth moves is no issue. This spot is a true powerhouse which produces a razor-sharp beam with clear visuals.


  • 350w 7500 K White LED Engine
  • Manual, Stand Alone or 26 & 37 Channel Control Modes
  • DMX, sACN, Art-Net and RDM supported
  • Multiple Dim Curves and adjustable PWM Settings
  • On board WDMX by WDMX Sweden
  • Weighs 29 Kg