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Product Review – Mackie Thump 12” BST 1300W Powered Speaker

Introducing our latest Speaker hire acquisition:

Conference Audio Visual have recently invested in a large stock of Mackie 12BST powered speakers to add to our extensive hire product catalogue. After testing may different boxes from manufacturers including DB Technologies, JBL, Turbosound and RCF we settled on the Mackie box for overall performance, durability, reliability and price point.
Being a primarily a AV hire company our choice in products must take in to account both performance and affordability so we can offer our customers our best possible pricing and be safe in the knowledge that the product we supply will simply work.




Our Thoughts:

Cosmetically the box is extremely neat with sharp lines and an almost matt finish ensuring it won’t look out of place whether it be in a high end corporate environment or on stage being used as a fold back wedge for a band. The front panel has a single green LED which can be switched off via the rear panel or app if you really don’t want the speaker to stand out.

The outer shell of the speaker is a mix of black power coated metal and hard ABS plastic with a robust scratch resistant finish ensuring whether it’s on its first or hundredth hire it will look brand new.

Functionally the speaker has a multitude of features to please even the fussiest technician including a full colour LCD control panel on the rear. From this control panel you can adjust each input of the speaker which are the two XLR and 1/4″ Combo inputs and a Bluetooth input, there is also a master volume control as well.

The Thump includes multiple pre-programmed EQ settings to get the most out of your speaker. It features high quality wireless audio streaming and linking allowing Stereo linking of two Thump speakers for convenient wireless music playback.

You can Bluetooth Stream from any Android or iOS device and best of all Mackie provide an app that allows you to control all the above features wirelessly

They sound very clear, full, with plenty of volume and balanced sound across the frequency spectrum. These speakers respond very well at low, mid, and high frequencies, and have versatile equalisation settings built in, we found we ran them flat most of the time but it’s reassuring to know with a flick of a switch you can achieve a big bass sound if needed. Overall, we found the sound to be pristine, and expect they will be utilised for a myriad of projects in the coming months.

Technical Features:

• 12′′ high-output woofer / 1.4′′ titanium dome compression driver
• 1300W of ultra-efficient Class-D power
• Stereo Bluetooth input
• Cutting-edge Bluetooth technology allows up to 100m of range between linked speakers
• Next-generation system protection and thermal limiting keep your system safe
• All-new amplifier design with Dynamic Bass ResponseTM technology allows for incredibly fast transient response
• Built-in 2-channel mixer features VitaTM preamps with Wide-ZTM technology
• XLR thru output allows for simple wired connection to other Thump loudspeakers
• Flexible mounting options including tripod and pole-mounting
• Dual angle design perfect for use as a stage monitor
• Four Application-specific speaker modes for instant system optimization
• Precision digital crossover
• Transducer time alignment
• Universal power supply (100-240VAC) with Power Factor Correction technology ensures consistent performance even with unstable AC power
• Completely redesigned professional enclosure designed for heavy use
• Loading in and out is easy with a new 4 handle design







If you’re looking to hire a sound system  or just some great speakers look no further than Conference Audio Visual for a complete solution!