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Barista Championship AV Hire

Recently Conference AV was tasked with providing full production services and AV Hire for a National Barista Competition’s grand final event. The event was held in the companies Melbourne head office which boasts a full café setup. Catering for an audience of approximately 100 people we were required to provide a number of creative solutions in the café environment.


Professional PA & Wireless Discrete Head Worn Microphones

Using Mackie Thump 12” powered speakers and Shure ULXD Wireless radio microphones the sound reproduction was perfect. Our Professional Audio operator managed the levels throughout the evening utilising the latest in digital audio mixers.

Perfect for music playback as well as clarity of voice our product selection is just one of the aspects we consider when putting together a production of this style.

Professional PA




PTZ Camera Coverage

A pair of Sony PTZ Cameras (Robotic Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras for the layman) was used to capture all the action close up. Our experienced camera operator managed a number of pre-set camera angles including “Coffee Presentation area” and “Over Shoulder Barista view” as well as dynamically driving the cameras via remote joystick control to capture every angle as is played out on the kitchen set.

Over Shoulder Barista view




Support Monitors & Timing Screens

All vision was live “Mixed” to large 75” LCD Screens positioned around the room for audience members get fully immersed in the event. In addition to this, we provided a live timer on screen as each barista had a limited amount of time to brew and present their masterpieces!

Barista Crew




Judges Preview Monitors

Our judges were required to assess every part of the baristas performance this was achieved with a live quad split of the two PTZ cameras as well as a locked off the wide shot and the timer presented to them on a personal desktop monitor. This enabled them to see otherwise missed small details that would normally be missed.

Baristas Performance







Conference AV has a full complement of hire equipment ideally suited for the task of capturing your live event, barista competition, cooking demonstration or product demonstration.











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