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What you need to know when hiring a Microphone


One of the most common requests we get here at Conference Audio Visual either via our online quote form or phone is “I’d like to hire a microphone”. This seemingly simple request can actually be a complex one to answer. In this article, we explore the issue covering the what, where, when and how to ensure your Microphone Hire is a success in improving your event and you don’t get charged for something you don’t need.



Your first consideration is the what. Is it a single person speaking or singing, a conversation between two or more people or a band? This will determine the number of microphones you require.

For a natural conversation between people you will want a microphone for each person speaking and don’t forget your audience, If there are questions how will they be heard? Now thinking of the scenario, are the user/s going to need to be hands free & mobile, mobile or static?

Lapel Mic

If the answer is hands free and mobile or simply mobile our wireless range of microphones will suit. These come in a head worn, lapel (sometimes called a lavalier or pin on mic) and hand held varietyies.


If static is the answer you will be looking for a wired option which can be hired with a table base, tall stand or paired with a lectern.

Lecten Mic


To get a better idea of the complementing sound system required and the challenges of the environment we will always ask the where.

Room layouts, construction types and floor/wall coverings will all affect sound.  We have a wealth of venue knowledge on hand so if you can provide a venue and room name it’s likely we will already know the type of equipment that will work best in that specific room or venue. If it outdoors we have a separate set of challenges to overcome such as wind and adverse weather and ambient noise. Other factors that come in to play are audience numbers and whether they are standing or seated.



Possibly the most important factor to get the price right is the when.

Is it a one hour or 6 week event?

Are you only using it Monday, Wednesday and Friday?

Is in on a public Holiday or late at night?

Our pricing model is a flexible one allowing for generous multi day discounts as well as short term rates. The market is a seasonal one so off-peak rates can apply at certain times of the year too. We only charge for the actual usage of the microphone so if its setup the day prior to your event and collected the day after you will only be charged for what you actual use.



The how is simple armed with the what, where & when. Simply contact us either online or call 1300 214 733


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