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Top 4 Event Trends in 2018, No.1 Facebook Live

Top 4 Event Trends That Will Increase Your Audience Engagement in 2018 


Being ahead of the pack in implementing current trends in Audio Visual technology for your event in 2018 will ensure your delegates are engaged and attending for your current and future events. Benefits include engaged delegates, sponsorship opportunities and attracting the best possible presenters in the subject matter at hand.


1. Facebook Live Streaming

While live streaming has been possible for many years, the new Facebook LIVE and videos allow event organizers to create great content in a more accessible way. With the advent of dedicated hardware solutions streaming an event or excerpts from one is a relatively simple process.

You can livestream for a maximum of 90 minutes, so if you have a lengthy event that you want to stream, it’s worth segmenting your livestreams and grouping them together later.

Find out more information about Facebook Live here.

Top 4 Event Trends in 2018, No.1 Facebook Live

2. Social Media Wall

Although not a new concept the technology that drives this is getting better and better in 2018 using a single platform to aggregate #hashtags, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Your wall can be driven to engage your attendees by posing them questions or throwing out topics for them to discuss. Drive your event’s conversations with interesting ideas and views and even take it up a few notches with competitions.


Keep your attendees in the loop with regular updates on screen. You could even generate awareness for upcoming events and offer to feature your sponsors’ content to increase their outreach during your event.

Top 4 Event Trends in 2018, No.2 Social Wall

3. Gamification

If you’re looking for a fun and playful way to drive delegate interaction at your event, then a little thing known in the AV word as ‘gamification’ could be the answer. Gamification essentially takes attendee interactions and turns them into a game or challenge.


Examples of gamification at events include digital passports that collect redeemable points for visiting exhibitor stands and sites, or creating exciting challenges for attendees with leaderboards to spark competition and teamwork.


Our favourite gamification gimmick for 2018 is the Catch Box. Essentially, it’s a cleverly designed microphone that you can use for Q&A sessions or simply games. Instead of passing around a delicate heavy microphone this microphone is a specially designed soft box designed to be thrown around the room, Check it out at and luckily for you many AV hire company’s now stock these great little microphones.

Top 4 Event Trends in 2018, No.3 Gamification

4. Affordable Fast Wi-Fi for Delegates

One of the largest challenges facing the events and meeting industry is internet connectivity and Wi-Fi at events. With more intensive media, more live streaming, more elaborate event apps and everyone being encouraged to share on social media, Wi-Fi is no longer an “optional” thing to have at events. Event venues and in-house internet companies know this and are trying to make a fortune off of it.

In 2018, we will see a massive decline in internet costs and a massive increase in internet speeds with third party AV suppliers providing “Mobile Internet Solutions” in the event space bypassing obscene prices and slow speeds experiences in some venues.

Top 4 Event Trends in 2018, No.4 Free Wifi


If you’re organising an event or conference and you would like more information about any of these great trends in AV hire for 2018 or simply would like some advice feel free to drop us a line at or call 1300 214 733