Conference Microphone System Hire

Conference Microphone System Hire

Conference Microphone System Hire in Melbourne

Conference Audio Visual supply a complete budget friendly Conference Microphone System tailored to your needs. The standard system comes with one push to talk Chairmans Microphone with the ability to override delegates and bring order to the meeting. In addition you can specify the amount of delegate push to talk microphones your require which can be allocated one per person or one between two depending on your specific needs.


Understanding the technology

Conference microphones are often referred to as Table Microphones or Push-to-talk microphones.Put simply that the delegate selects when they wish to speak by pressing a button on the microphone in front of them. Sometimes known as Digimics® or serial microphones they all perform in a similar manner.

Our microphones are the perfect replacement for standard table microphones that don’t have a push to talk button. Without the worry that you are going to experience feedback or excessive noise. or the need for a dedicated audio technician to monitor the sound during the event.

Because the delegate chooses when their microphone is on or off it eliminates the possibility of any embarrassing asides being heard by the audience or other delegates.