Chairmans Conference Microphone

Chairmans Conference Microphone

Chairmans Conference Microphone Hire in Melbourne

The Chairmans conference microphone is usually allocated to the chair or convenor of the meeting to allow the to control the conversation.  It has two push buttons on the base, one is the regular push to talk button to join a ongoing conversation with one or more delegates. the second button is a override or mute but this cancels our all other delegates and allows the chairman to address the entire meeting undisturbed by another delegates.

Normally you would have only one chairmans microphone however on our system you can have up to five chairpersons if the need arrises.

The microphone has a neat grey black weighted base with an extendable 44 – 61cm telescopic gooseneck microphone complete with red LED light ring so you can easily identify who has the microphone active at a glance.