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Contrary to popular belief there are very few venues in Australia that you do not have the option to use your preferred choice of audio visual supplier.

Yulkuum-Jerrang-5-100x150What’s more “Technician on duty or Contractor Supervisor Fees” imposed by a venue in collusion with their in house 3rd party supplier are extremely negotiable if not avoidable given a small amount of knowledge and negotiation.


Here are 5 tips to enable you to exercise your right of choice.

  1. Set the rules yourself. When negotiating the room hire & catering contract with the venue, in the section regarding AV simply cross out any conditions and replace them the words “AV supplied via 3rd party supplier, No assistance required.” Will they risk the entire booking over a small component?
  2. Book the room for the full 24 hours, Venues often restrict access to make it difficult for 3rd party suppliers to set up, Book the room pre & post event. Generally rooms are booked in 24 hour block anyway.
  3. If the venue is making it difficult to use a 3rd party supplier, ask for full disclosure of their arrangement with their in house supplier and what commissions they are receiving for that service.
  4. Ask for a full break down of the services the “contract supervisor” or “Technician on duty” will supply. If their purpose is to monitor “OHS”, “Electrical Safety” or as we were told recently at the Pullman Albert Park “The integrity of the venue” Ask what qualifies them to do this and why it is not required for an expo installation or photographer?
  5. Vote with your feet. If negotiation stalls because of the Audio Visual consider going elsewhere, there are thousands of venues Australia wide that want your business and don’t imply rules or fees upon you to exercise your choice.