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Hiring A Microphone

Cabled or Wireless
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Cabled Vocal Microphones

Need to hire a wired microphone for a performance, speech, announcement or presentation?
We stock Shure & Behringer handheld microphones and will supply the best microphone to suit your job!
Paired with any of our audio systems we can assemble a complete solution.


Cabled Instrument Microphones

Whether it’s a guitar, drum or any other instrument you need to amplify we have you covered!
Using the industry standard Shure SM57 or Beta52A Kick Drum Mic as well as many other specialised instrument mic’s we will get the very best from your performance. Add in a sound system and your set!



Wireless Lapel Microphone Kit

Hire a Shure ULX-D Wireless Lapel (Lavalier) Microphone.
Perfect for the mobile presenter this high-quality unit includes a discreet tie clip microphone and a long lasting battery life enabling you to present all day. A truly interference free unit for general purpose sound reinforcement applications requiring good rejection of ambient noise, the WL185 cardioid lavalier microphone has a 130-degree pickup angle for great sound quality. Combine with a Sound System to complete the package.

ULXD Headset

Wireless Headset Microphone Kit

Comes with a discrete flesh tone headset microphone fully adjustable to suit your head size allows a more dynamic style of presentation with capture of all spoken word no matter which direction you move your head.
Supplied with a ULX-D Body pack for the same great battery life and performance as all our other wireless microphones. Combine with a Mixer & Speakers to make a package!


Wireless Hand Held Microphone Kit

The Industry standard SM58 Microphone head combined with the best wireless technology makes this microphone the best possible choice for performers and novice users alike perfect for anything from a simple Q&A microphone at your next conference through to lead vocals for a band. With an impressive 8 hrs plus battery life. Conference AV have a large stock available for immediate hire. Add in a sound system and your set!

Table Microphone

Table Microphones

Hire wired table Microphones consisting of a shock prof heavy base and a 12” goose neck microphone ideal for panel tables or chairman. The wide pickup condenser microphone is perfect when seated at a table to be heard by a large audience. Combine with a sound system for the total solution.

Mic Stand

Microphone Stands

Hire Microphone stands to suit any of our microphones, available in short or tall with or without a boom arm.

Aero Lecterns

Lectern & Microphone Package Hire

Black, Industry standard Lectrum , one or two mic points& reading light, Includes 2 x Gooseneck Microphones. Signage can be attached with Velcro to the black carpet front. Just add a suitable sound system to complete the package. Lectern can be hired without microphones if desired.

Sound System

Sound Systems

Request a quick quote now for a customised sound system package to suit your next event, request any of the above microphones and tell us how many people will be in attendance and we will customise a sound system to suit your event.