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Looking to hire a Stage? Read this first

Vital to the success for your event is an appropriate stage. The focal point of your event an elevated stage enables your audience to clearly see your presenters and panellists from their seated or standing position. It is the focal point of the audience where the most important messages are communicated. Imagine an event with the wrong stage where audience views are obstructed, the stage surface not level or even tilted, what would this say about your event, your message or even your brand?

Fortunately, Conference Audio Visual is here to help, your trusted event stage hire company. Here are 5 top reasons to hire a stage solution from Conference Audio Visual for your next event.


hire a Stage


Let’s discuss the event. We will take the time to understand the room or space you will be using this includes ceiling heights, natural obstructions such as pillars and walls. We look at lighting and wall coverings. Then we discuss the presenter/s and audience. Who will be on stage what will they be doing; will they have complementary Audio Visual such as projection screens and microphones? How many people will be in the audience will they be seated and how?

All this information helps us determine an appropriate size and height of stage that will work with in the confines of the space and ensure everyone is comfortable and can see.


Every time we hire a stage we ensure safety is our number one concern, each stage must confirm with OHS standards and also meet our strict internal safety levels before it is used. Some considerations include:

  • Safety rails, securing and lighting of stairs and wheelchair ramps
  • The depth of the stage (it should be at least 1m behind furniture, lecterns, and entertainers)
  • The weight of everything on the stage during the event


stage hire


3.Sight Lines


When we set up a stage we ensure our staff take in to consideration every audience member working with whoever is responsible for furniture placement to ensure sight lines are never compromised. We ensure that the Audience aren’t craning their necks to see.


4.Value additions

Our staff will always go out of their way to suggest any way we can possibly improve the “stage set” as a whole, this can include

  • Lighting of the presentation area
  • Draping behind the stage
  • Satellite stages, to switch focus or allow set changes
  • Set backdrops themed to suit your event
  • And of course, any other Audio Visual including Microphones, Projection Screens, Lecterns etc.





We can assist in branding your stage to tie in with your corporate colours, event theming or corporate logos etc., some of the common branding ideas we have done in recent events are

  • Colour carpet tops or skirting
  • Full colour printed stage skirting
  • Branded lecterns
  • Coloured lighting
  • Bud lighting stage edge
  • TED style Red carpet dot

We have many other options available please contact us to discuss your ideas, so we can make your event a memorable one.

Thinking stage hire? think Conference Audio Visual

  • Solutions based on your requirements
  • Budget friendly
  • Holistic solutions
  • OHS compliant

Contact us now on 1300 214 733 to discuss your next event.